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Thanks for viewing my kennel REMIJAGUARE page. We are little kennel from Latvia, Riga and we breed Doberman Pinschers. We are passionate about this great elegant breed from 1981 year. We always treat our dogs like family members first. They live in the household with us and receive individual attention from the family- kids and adults alike. We believe that the dogs need to be an essential part of the family first and then show. Dogs is health, character tested and quality, conformation to FCI standards is what we strive for. Top European Champion pedigree bloodlines, great temperament,well socialized, Vet examined. Latvia Doberman club registered, FCI export pedigree, Guarantee Vaccinations, worming, microchipped, Europa Pet Pasport. The puppies are from FCI Registered , health tested, character tested parents. 

From our kennel come Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Baltic, Poland, Pan America, Brasil ,Finland, Philipinnes,Belorussia, Moldova, Russia,Georgia, Bulgaria  champions, IDC class winner.
Multi show winners,
Multi BIS and BIG 

Our dogs live in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Holland, Belgium,  Poland,  Italy, Germany, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, China, Thailand, Indonesia, USA, Canada, Brasil, Philippines .

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Our dogs 

"For dog do not need proud car, big house or disagner clothes. Even public position do not mean anything. That is enough with small tree in seeside. Dog rate people not for skin colour, religion or wealth, but after you soul. For dog do not care, you are in wealth or in misery, teached or illiterate, smart or dumm. Give your heart for him, and he will give self. Really, that is so simply, and only we, people, who are smarter and understandable, always are in trouble, thinking – for who is value and who is not." (Jon Grogen)